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Backyard Entertainment

How would you like to have some extra living and entertaining space in your home? Fortunately, you’ve got one, right there in your backyard. A little bit of decluttering and inexpensive but crafty additions here and there can transform your plain backyard into a blissful sanctuary for the whole family. Having friends over is going to be easy-breezy and you can just focus on having fun. Check out the following tips on how to upgrade your backyard, pick a couple that might best suit your taste and budget and you can go ahead and schedule that barbecue to show off your new and improved outdoor dream lounge.

  1. …Lovely As A Tree

Got a big one? The kids will love you forever for building them a treehouse where they can play, rest and pretend to be anything they set their oh-so-vivid imagination on. Or if you would rather have a quiet corner to read away from the glaring television set and blasting speakers, build a comfy bench under and around your big tree, it would be like reading in a park, but nearer.

American Tent

  1. Stepping Stones

Just some bricks and stones are all you need to create a footpath that will keep your well-maintained Bermuda grass from being trodden upon again and again. You also wouldn’t need to scrub the mud off your floors for as long as the kids are hop-scotching their way in. Now, your fur babies, that’s another story.

  1. Living In The Outdoors

Pick out a great spot to create a second living room,  a nap area or even a meditation room just outside your backdoor. There are lovely and functional frame tents for sale that you can choose from according to the size and material you might need. You may decorate it any way you want…imagine how daybeds and giant, colorful floor pillows were strewn around would be so inviting on a lazy weekend afternoon. Maybe fairy lights, flowers, and twigs entwined around the posts for a romantic dinner for two – the possibilities are boundless.

  1. Fountain Of Youth

It’s been proven that the sound of moving waters can calm you down especially when going through stressful events. A cozy spot where you can absolutely free your mind of worries albeit temporarily will do wonders on your mind frame and overall well being. Water fountains do not need to be grand. Even just a small one that is artfully put together can make a great difference in terms of the beauty and charm it can add to your back garden.