Trusted Shipping Container Investment Company

The Trusted Shipping Container Investment Company

As headquartered in Hong Kong, the strategic location in the region allows investors to benefit from the busiest trading market in the world, China. Davenport Laroche helps your investments run smoothly and successfully from sourcing shipping containers up to leasing them, right down to transferring your income. Having a goal to support investors at every step of the process,  investors have full control over their investments.

Shipping container renting

The Cash Payments Every Month

Shipping container renting is also similar to the process of leasing an apartment. You can rent it out and receive the rent every month deposited to your bank account but the only difference is that you don’t rent it to a family or a student. You will rent out your shipping containers to the world’s leading companies, and these rents generate 20-24% annual returns. There are two profitable options and the rate of return depends on the option you choose. Davenport Laroche can recommend a plan to assist you in making the right choice based on your circumstances.

Prices That Are Determined By Demand And Supply

With the network in South America, it enables to move these containers to China at no cost to you. The demand in China is overwhelming and prices are higher than anywhere else in the world. Davenport Laroche sells them for you and you take your profits when your containers arrive in China. The commission for facilitating these trades is 5% of the net profit.

The Low Risk

As the legal and rightful owner of all containers purchased, you will receive the full Deed of Sale documentation in your name. Each container is traceable and fully insured by land or sea.  All replacements or repair costs will be covered by the company leasing them. All of the containers are built to full ISO-standards. Containers do not fluctuate in value like financial assets as its hard assets. They hold functional and material value so they will entirely not lose their value. The buyback guarantee and lease agreement are written into a binding contract.

The Capital Preservation

After  5 years of leasing your container with both Higher Income Lease and Conservative Lease, Davenport Laroche guarantees to purchase it from you at the original price you paid. You are assured of taking out exactly what you put in with this guarantee, giving you the complete preservation of capital. You can also sell your assets before the 5th anniversary of your contract at market price.