Education- Understanding The Concept Of Learning

Education is most needed thing in all our life. Education is dealing with learning and acquiring knowledge and skills in order to live a quality life. It is not only meant to acquire knowledge and also get value among the society. In recent decades it is not possible to be successful person without education. Education means a lot a person who is originated from a low income family. The poor also need their kid to get education for their future well being. A farmer’s kid needs educations even he wants to develop his agricultural field with modern techniques. One can get a right education by passing different levels of education systems.

The education system is commonly grouped into 4 levels in accordance with age groups: They are Nursery standard is for the students of age group ranges between 3yrs and 5yrs child. Here the child can learns individuality and also some basic things like having their food by themselves some kind of cognitive development like identifying shapes and colors, language alphabets etc. They usually mean to kinder garden or preschooler.

Next one is primary level which includes the age group of 6 to 11yrs kids. They can get knowledge about fundamentals of all fields. They are commonly mean to elementary or middle schooler. The next level is secondary level which includes the age group of 12 to 15yrs of children who are reaching their adolescence. The next level is the higher secondary where the kid falls in the age group of 16 & 17yrs. They are at their final schooling stage from there they have turning point in deciding their future career. After these 4 levels of education now children are at the point to decide their path to travel remaining learning process. They are free to take decision in accordance to their interest. It may results in getting degree in required path like engineering, medical, Accounts, management and so on. There is more number of opportunities to them to achieve their targets.

Categories Of Education

Apart from these levels of education there are also important categories to which the education broadly classified into 4 types. They are formal, informal, non formal and special education.

The formal education is given in schools, colleges by well qualified teacher which are limited to certain standards and years. It follows strict disciplines and includes activities inside and outside of classrooms. They are certified by higher authorities.

The informal educations are learned on the go manner that is from the society. This is includes good manners and behavior according to the social culture. Here the knowledge is gained from markets, temple, restaurants etc. It doesn’t have pre-plans and also the skills are learnt for unlimited period of time. The non-formal educations are which are like formal education. They are structured and planned but takes place in the outside of formal buildings. It is like to serve a group of homogeneous people with structured and planned curriculum. The last category is named as special educations which are given to physically challenged people like deaf, blind and so on who are eager to learn things.