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Which digital platform is better and how much does each one cost?

The fever for the cinema and the series to the letter does not stop to grow. That your demand does not stop increasing day after day is not surprising. We do not only want to enjoy TV on demand at home, but many people are big consumers of movies and series on the mobile phone through the apps. Thanks to the quality and large screens of the latest smart phones and tablets, to the 4G connection and the greater ease to find good Wi-Fi, we are able to enjoy with all the guarantees of the best cinema in any trip for example.

There are paid applications and other free, but the reality is that the market for them is also increasing with the peak in the number of users. As we each have our tastes and preferences, we highlight some different options among the best apps to watch movies on your Android devices, so you can try and choose your favorite.

Free subscription to YouTube Premium

Last year, YouTube’s paid subscription service, called YouTube Premium, landed in Spain. Among the advantages offered to users is exclusive access to the contents of  YouTube Originals, which are series and original films of the platform

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The advantage is that you have the possibility to enjoy a free YouTube Premium month requesting the free trial of the service in this link. In this way, you can watch the original YouTube movies and series legally and without having to pay anything. Of course, remember to put an alert to cancel the service when they meet the 30-day trial if you do not want to be charged the monthly fee.

Manual search

Once you have taken advantage of the free YouTube Premium trial month, the next option to find free and complete movies on YouTube is the most direct: use the YouTube search engine.