Mastering Fear: A Book With The Documentation Of Facing Fears

It is not denying that the heart beats fast when hearing about the life of a military. In fact, militaries can relate how risky their lives are, especially on the battlefield. An individual has only one life, why would anyone take risk of becoming a military? This is a simple question yet has a broad answer for the militaries. But, there is one the same answer that they can give, they want to serve the nation. Yes, no military can’t say this popular words. In fact, being military is never the same with the regular job out there. Being a military keeps the entire nation peaceful, which is their first duty. Civilians should know how these people have faced a lot of trials during their military journey that made them strong.

Brandon Webb Navy Seal

The life of a Navy Seal

Brandon Webb Navy Seal journey was never easy. He is a man that has full of determination and bravery. He was a sniper instructor, with his dedication as a Navy Seal, he had produced finest and deadliest marksmen. With this promising work, he was considered as one of the notable Navy Seal in his times. Brandon was never a simple military Navy Seal. With four deployments to the Middle East, he proves how he was proficient of producing hitmen. The book “Mastering Fear: A Navy Seal’s Guide”, is a perfect documentation of a detailed fearful military life. But, Brandon never left any trace of fearing, he stands as a military and finishes as a military with honor and dignity. With numerous awards received, experienced he had in his Navy Seal journey makes him feel fulfilling. With that, he then decides of focusing something different and leave Navy Seal life.

Brandon as a successful entrepreneur Brandon Webb Navy Seal

After the journey of being a special sniper man, Brandon decides of landing something. He decides of focusing his children and family while engaging into business. Of course, Brandon is a man of action, so he never stops. Although he had left his Navy Seal life, he finds something meaningful which will still be a source of income to survive his family. Webb loves his wife and children, but when his marriage life fails, he loses focus and feels a loser. Brandon’s first venture was failed. It makes him feel down because nothing has left to him, zero. In the end, he finds himself seeing his lawyer advises how brave he was. The lawyer pushed the difference between failing from quitting. Then, Brandon realizes everything and start venturing a business for the second time. This time, he doesn’t fail, in fact, he becomes a successful entrepreneur.