relief stress with massage

How to relief stress with massage

Self-massage is one of the easiest and most economical ways to relieve muscle tension. Of course, it will not be as complete or practical as a professional massage, but it has a number of advantages. It has an immediate feedback cycle, so you will always know if it will be too hard, too soft or correct. This will save you a lot of money, especially if you do a small massage daily. And finally, it is available to you when you need it, and it can be as long and complete or as short and specific as you need it.

Studying your own massage is not that difficult, you just need to mark some basic exercises for each major muscle group. Here are some to start:

To massage your hands, first place your left hand in front of you, touching with your fingers. With the other hand, begin to massage the fleshy and tight part of the left hand, which is between the thumb and forefinger. Massage with circular movements for twenty to thirty seconds. Now follow the other path. Try this movement in the center of the palm, as well as at the base of each finger.

To massage your forearms, take them with the other hand and work with great pressure, kneading them up and down. Their forearms have many different muscles and muscle groups, so they require a heavy massage of several angels.

To massage your legs, first sit comfortably and cross one leg over the other

With both hands, grab the arch of the foot and start pressing it with your thumbs. Try to apply pressure straight up and down inside the foot. In the end, start kneading up and down the entire leg. Rub and put on the sole, massage the pads and toes the same way you massage your hands and fingers with FasciaBlaster.

To massage the calves, simply move slowly, from the ankle to the knee, warm. Try to work with the back of the calf under a lot of pressure, since these are tight muscles that do a great job like your forearms.