dermal fillers singapore

What’re dermal fillers & how it works?

The dermal fillers are generally used for the facial aesthetic treatments as well as are injected in your skin. They’re made to reduce appearance of the unwanted wrinkles, and create more volume; it helps to revitalize your skin. The dermal fillers are mostly based on the Hyaluronic acid that is the substance that is present in your body.

What’re face fillers?

The face fillers or dermal fillers are the small gel injections, made from hylauronic acid, which fill in the wrinkles & add volume to the soft tissue. You may have dermal fillers singapore in various parts of the face: around your eye, mouth, cheeks, or jawline, and lip fillers administered straight in your lip tissue.

How It Works?

The dermal fillers generally work to restore the lost volume in some areas of your body as well as enhance areas, like your lips and cheeks, by adding a little volume in the controlled way. The decrease in collagen can be the main causes of the fine lines & wrinkles, so experts think that breakdown start when people are 25 years old.

The dermal fillers are highly versatile and low risk procedure that makes them highly popular choice for the people who want to get their upper hand on the signs of aging. Also, they aren’t the same as the neurotoxins as well as work in the different way; however they treat same skin complaints.

Common treated areas are:

  • Between the eyebrows
  • Lips
  • Nose and mouth lines