The Various Types Of Locks To Choose

Double bit lock

When the security doors for apartments were conceived, among the first locks designed there were double-bit ones. The evolution of security technology and break-in methods, today have led to consider this lock as a fragile, vulnerable system, subject to attack and tampering hdb door singapore.

Its mechanism consists of a main carriage to which opening and closing latches are connected. By inserting the key with the same notch and coding of the reeds (i.e. the gorges) and turning it, it sets the pistons in motion, engaging and pushing the carriage.

But the fragility of this system lies in the weak resistance to break-in attempts. In theory, the gorges prevents any key from opening the door, but this is not always the case.

There are tools, such as the Bulgarian lock pick, which manage to perfectly replicate the key mapping and open the door without picking the lock. This tool is in fact used to carry out thefts without leaving any trace, leaving the unfortunate person with the burden of paying the damages, because the insurance companies will not recognize the seriousness of the damage.

Magnetic lock

A good system to use, especially for interior doors, is the magnetic lock.

It is a particularly young technology, with strengths and weaknesses that do not make it suitable for gates, shutters or entrance doors.

It works through the tension between two magnets, one facing the other, allowing the door to close on its own as the ends approach. The advantages of this type reside as much in the ease of use as in the lack of any access keys, unless you choose a magnetic lock with deadbolt.