Millennial Marketers

5 Important Things You Can Learn From Millennial Marketers

Today, to have a successful business in the different industry needs great idea and plan of marketing. There are a lot of people who can give different brilliant marketing strategies, thus The Millennial Marketers are more reliable than others. This supports the fact that millennials are more aggressive and eager to learn, acquire and explore. Marketing is all about innovation, so people behind every successful business are the one who is always driven with change and that is Millennials.

Important things to Learn from Millennial Marketers 

  1. It’s all about digital. Having grown of age in a dot-com world, it’s only logical that Millennials consider digital-first when it comes to marketing. Millennial marketers in the study consumed 58 percent of their marketing budget on digital media; by contrast, Baby Boomers spend only 14 percent of their marketing resources on digital media.
  2. Secure it mobile, too. Not only are Millennial marketers digital-focused, but they’re also frequently mobile-focused. Almost half of Millennials use the majority of their marketing funds on mobile media, related to less than 10 percent of baby boomers. Again, this is a reasonable extension of how Millennials live—on their smartphones. With the bulk of online search is now taking place on a mobile device, promotion requires to be where the customers are—on the go.
  3. Social media begins the journey. Interestingly, social media marketing is one field where Baby Boomers are a little more “with it.” More than one-fourth of Baby Boomers utilize social media advertising to produce brand awareness and profits. However, they are still far surpassed by Millennials—more than 60 percent of them manage social media marketing for these ideas. Millennial marketers are understanding that the average buyer’s buying journey has evolved. It usually starts on social media, as friends and family or social media advertising informs the consumer to a commodity or service. But more and more, social media advertising is actually making sales.
  4. Video is within Reach. Video marketing, even on cable TV, is less valuable than an individual thought. Cable television stations can support every marketer to create videos that can utilize for both TV and online advertising. When producing videos, generate concepts that every millennial marketer can use in various ways, such as shortening a longer video into shorter chunks or creating changes for different audiences.
  5. Good For Testing. One of the most important features of online advertising, whether it’s a pay-per-click ad, a standard ad or online video, is how simple it is to test effects and get immediate feedback about whether ads are operating or not. This is a tremendous advantage compared to traditional print.


There are a lot of ways to reach the success of the business industry, where people need to rely on everyone skills. Millennials marketer can give enough plan and ideas for the business to success. They can give the newest ways, tools to use to increase the traffic of the website. This only shows that millennial marketers always thing changes if they found that one of their strategies isn’t working.