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Used Car: How To Save Big

There are many reasons to buy a car – it is used for transportation, it is a status symbol, or even just for fun. Whatever your reasoning, buying and selling cars can be tricky. One often overlooked aspect of purchasing used cars in reno is the possible costs involved in making the sale. Whether you are trading in another vehicle or buying with cash, there will still be some fees that need to be paid before signing on the dotted line.

Here are tips to save big when buying a used car:

State Inspection

Many states require a safety inspection before a car can be sold, whether they are new or used. It is illegal to sell a vehicle without one, so the seller will have already taken care of it. Paying extra for the inspection is as easy as finding a certified mechanic and paying them to do it.

Titling a Vehicle

State regulations require anyone selling a car to have it titled by their state’s DMV. The seller will have already done this, and it can be as simple as paying a fee to get a new title.

If you are looking to save money, then you can easily do so by going directly to the DMV and having them issue the used car title. Before you buy your next vehicle, keep these laws in mind. That way you won’t waste any money on fees that the seller was responsible for.

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License Ready?

License plates are required on all vehicles before they can be used on public roads. If you are buying a car, the seller will have already taken care of getting them.

If they haven’t, however, you can easily pay a small fee at your DMV to get them issued. This is an added cost that can easily be avoided by checking this little detail before making any purchase commitments.

Smog Test

If the state you live in requires a smog test to be done on any vehicle before they are sold, then the seller will have already taken care of it. State laws sometimes require all new vehicles to be tested for emissions before they can be sold.

If you want to save money on your next car, then you need to check this little detail carefully. Smog testing is relatively inexpensive, and they are often much less hassle than signing up for a temporary permit. If you see the seller doing it, then it is a safe assumption that they have taken care of their own.