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Benefits Of Direct Mail In Elkhart, IN

Direct mail is a great type of communication primarily because it gives an intimate, person-to-person, attention-grabbing conversation, leveraging an individual’s habit of reading and responding to correspondence. Although nowadays online communication channels are widely used, direct mail stands out for its high open rate which can easily reach 80%. Furthermore, this communication channel is not limited to time, space, or format of direct mail in Elkhart, IN.

Deeply segmented

Each direct mail campaign has great targeting options. One can tailor messages for a specific audience, from loyal customers to new possibilities. Subsequently, customers only receive offers that meet their individual needs or shopping habits.


Each letter can contain personalized information. Using the database, it is easy to discover customer needs by analyzing their purchase history. In this way, we have altered the message and it can certainly appeal to each person.

Tangible format

Above all, the mail is tangible. Since customers are receiving emails directly, the chances of receiving the message are higher. Also, when customers get a physical duplicate, they see the content as trustworthy.

Range of formats

This type of communication offers a wide variety of formats, from postcards to brochures, to catalogs and magazines. We can customize the email. Along these lines, there is no limitation on the use of variety, paper quality, or correspondence format.

Easily measured

We can easily measure direct mail. Each mail can contain the traceable code that customers will retrieve upon purchase. In addition, results will be collected and will reveal the progress of the campaign.

Financially savvy

Direct mail can be financially smart. Campaign creation can be easy and inexpensive. In addition, bulk mailing makes running this campaign affordable.

Proven track record

In the long run, direct mail has demonstrated its effectiveness. As this procedure has been used widely and for a long time, data from fruitful campaigns demonstrate its potential. According to the DMA, the average direct mail response rate is 4.4%, compared to the email response rate of 0.12%. Thus, direct mail offers a negligible expense with a reliable return.