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Best vinyl plank flooring in Williamsport, PA: How to choose?

At the same time, to feel the surface better, the core can be produced as the best vinyl plank flooring in Williamsport, PA. these types are also referred to as a planned vinyl click. A click locking system is located in the core layer of the SPC to create a seamless connection between different planks.

Performance Features and Benefits

  1. Waterproof: vinyl click flooring can be cleaned with a wet wiper without getting a rod.
  2. Flame retardant: certified b1, makes a safety zone during an emergency.
  3. Antibacterial: raw material PVC and calcium eliminate the habitat of bacteria.
  4. Without shrinkage, stable size.
  5. Amplifier against scratches &; Resistance to T-group burnout.
  6. Easy installation, is a type of floating floor, join the click in the correct sequence, installation complete.
  7. No phthalates, non-toxic, live in your room immediately after installing the floor.
  8. Long warranty, living life, time up to 30 years.

Several factors that affect the price:

Total Thickness: This Is an Important Factor in Influencing the Price, the Amount of Raw Material Used Makes a Difference in Prices for Vinyl Sequencing.

Wear layer: The unit price of the wear and tear layer is higher than the SPC core. A thicker layer of wear and tear causes a higher price.

Raw material: The price of the original material is much higher than recycling. And a gentler grind of calcium powder is a more expensive backup liner thickness and material type.

Best vinyl plank flooring in Williamsport, PA: How to choose?

The original raw material cut is smoother than recycled

Click system breaking strength

  • Rigid core: White amplifier; core grey is not the main difference in quality.
  • Print film: whiteness, texture subtlety
  • Layer wear: transparency
  • Backup liner: density amp; stability

After more than ten years of research and development and due to the custom design, updated technology, modern manufacturing process, and excellent after-sales service, they shared a good reputation among our customers.