If you’re new to the world of investment, financing and the stock market, chances are that you are currently searching for the things that are essential in building a successful investment portfolio. To tell you the truth, a lot of people who claimed themselves as successful investors offers you free tips and advice about making yourself a successful investor but often you are overwhelmed by the details and information and you tend to forget the essentials.

We’ve talked with our dear friend, Alexis Assadi, who is a very a successful investor and an expert in different types of investments and financial schemes will give us the essential ways to improve your investment portfolio.

For those who are not familiar who Assadi is, well, he is the owner of the Assadi Capital Corporation, an investment company that runs various small and medium business enterprises and real estate ventures.

Assadi Capital Corporation

Assadi is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Pacific Income Capital Corporation which annually provides $250,000 financial assistance to SME’s and real estate companies across the United States and Canada.

The ways that you are about to read are considered the most vital methods we can give you so that you can specify in implementing each of these concepts which are different to each other based on your personal investment situation so, at the end of the day, it’s really up to you if you’re willing to follow these steps or way that we will give you.

  • MAKE A CLEAR OBJECTIVE- You should always make a good decision in making your investment objectives because this will dictate the fate of your plans. Your objectives should be clear and defined. You should set goals, you should predict forecasts, you should identify the risks and most of all you should create a clear plan that will pave a clearer way for your investment plans because this is where you start your journey in making money.
  • MINIMIZE TURNOVERS- You should keep your investment turnovers minimally because this is always correlated with how bad investors poorly perform with their investments. You should avoid renting stocks and purchase businesses unless you’re an expert in that field or industry. Before you make this step, you should be fully aware, knowledgeable about the business that you are about to buy rather than pour some investments into it. Good investors don’t just buy anything they find attractive but instead, they want their investments to grow first and make its market more valuable so that they will attract more investors to join their venture.
  • AVOID TOO MUCH SPENDING- You are well aware that there are tons of fees when you’re starting to make investments. This includes brokerage commissions, mutual fund expense ratios, sales loads and other payments necessary. If you accumulate all these fees it will turn out big and enough to create a damage to your financial status so focus on one investment first so that you’ll be paying only for one.
  • TAX-EFFICIENCY- Aside from focusing on making your investment portfolio grow, you should also structure it as a tax-efficient manner because you’re required to pay regular taxes to all your properties which include your investments and mutual funds. There should be a good management when it comes to this aspect because the taxes that you are paying right now will have a dividend returned to you when you retire.