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Soda blasting is the latest technology for safe paint removal and cleaning of most surfaces. Soda Blaster uses compressed air to supply water based on baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to the surface to be cleaned. Although at first it looks like a sandblast, all similarities disappear quickly as soon as you understand this process. Sand is a heavy and heavy material that can damage any substrate. It will be a drawer glass, to break rubber and plastic and metal pickling. None of this happens. The properly prepared soda jet medium is made of sodium bicarbonate, which is made of a larger and homogeneous glass. When you hit the material, you expose it to the soda, the glass explodes outward, and the explosion is a force that eliminates your goal of lubrication, paint, rust, mold, dirt, whatever it triggers.

Unique and new solution to restore and restore any surface

It provides a unique and new solution to restore and restore any surface. It works in a wide range of projects, from large scale industrial works to small and delicate private works, providing the same level of professionalism and integrity for all. Using a variety of ecological and recycled media such as soda and glass, you can clean wood, stone and metals, restoring them to life, restoring lost details. This process is smooth and does not damage the original surface, which makes it immediately ready to be repainted and can be used to treat a fire or flood. Regardless of what you need to restore, whether large or small, you have the opportunity to do so. The explosion with soda uses soft and ecological methods to clean and rejuvenate any type of surface. There is also a wide range of other explosive environments, for example. recycled glass / plastic and calcium. All mass media do not have heavy metals and are not biodegradable without damaging the environment.

He has the ability to work in situations as diverse as hot industrial zones, to restore architectural details of wood and metal, as well as antique furniture and antique cars.

The methods used are aggressive enough to remove the layers of paint and rust from the old metal parts, but they are soft enough to clean old wood and remove paint from classic cars, adjusting the intensity of the air flow and using different jets according to the work done.

Groups of people who can use these methods:

Construction / masons

Private owners

Commercial areas of the CIS

Boat owners

Car owners

Developers and architects

Insurance brokers and companies

Experience has shown us that the use of jet cleaning soda allows:

 Effective results

Non-invasive methods


Ecological solutions

The future of surface treatment without the use of harsh chemicals to clean and protect various surfaces with low soda blasting cost, from carpentry to masonry and metal structures.