Shubhodeep Prasanta Das

Shubhodeep Das The Winner Of Thailand Award 2023

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Mr. Shubhodeep Das took charge of the newly formed Hylife Group. Hylife Group’s foundation was formed in the medical mask industry, property acquisition, mortgages, and condo sales. Later, the company expanded into related fields including food manufacturing and debt rehabilitation.

It’s safe to say that the nationwide decline in employment due to the COVID epidemic has been felt across the whole country. In order to create goods and services in places like Chiang Mai, in which the COVID-19 epidemic had less of an effect, Sir Shubhodeep Das with the leadership team established a team with high potential. By creating employment, the Hylife Group’s companies have contributed to income redistribution and kept the economy afloat. Even if it was unfashionable at the time, it was preferable than doing nothing, especially considering the impact COVID-19 had on a tourism hub like Chiang Mai.

The firm’s condominium project has been met with more enthusiasm than anybody anticipated, and it has been able to achieve this accomplishment in record time (less than a year) thanks to the efforts of teams with exceptional talent and expertise from all over the world. It is expected that this would have a significant effect on startup businesses in Chiang Mai. It is expected that once the nation is reopened, Chiang Mai’s economy would begin to improve. As a result of people adjusting to life with COVID-19, the firm is gearing up to create new initiatives in anticipation of future commercial potential.

Despite Life’s expansion across the world, the company’s headquarters are still located in the small Manitoba town of La Broquerie. HyLife is proud to be an American company, and it shows in the way it upholds the ideals that have always guided the company. All of them at the top are committed to the growth and success of our workers, the satisfaction of our customers, and the strengthening of our local community. f condominiums.