Bitmex Operations

Smart Options – What Every Bitmexer Should Know!

Smartoptions is one of the most trusted websites when it comes to information about Cryptocurrency. There are so many important things that you should know more about this industry, most especially when it comes to being a Bitmexer. By checking out the website, you will be ready to face challenges on becoming a Bitmexer.

The Bitmex Operations

The Bitmex Life has a very good track record when it comes to success and has improved different professional staggered entry methodology for the trades. Bitmex is like a casino gamble and there will be moments where you will be placed on the edge of emotions. It is a very dangerous environment especially for beginners, so it is very important that you know the things that you should be aware of as a Bitmexer.

Bitmex Operations

  • When Entering A Move. Unique movements do not occur with Bitmex. What happens here is, when you enter a trade with a market order, this only means that you are in a hurry which can greatly affect your decision making. Always focus on the trades that were already studied to avoid any surprises.
  • The False Breakouts. There are so many controversies in the Bitmex world. According to smartoptions, always use a Bitmex chart besides an exchange with a good market background. Stay away from risky and suspicious moves on Bitmex and use the market to your advantage.
  • Learn About High Leveraging. With Bitmex, this will allow you to leverage up to 100x your equity. This may seem like a great asset for many traders when it comes to gaining amazing profits but there is also a high-risk management that you have to consider. High leveraging can lead your failure if you are not an experienced trader or a psychologically prepared person.
  • Hedging With 1x Short. If you are a “holder” in Bitcoin, you care about your dollar value and short 1x has a greater opportunity to preserve your capital. It may not be easy to work with the trend and sometimes the market can be confusing. Leave a part of your capital in short 1x hedge. This is an option that you can use if you are uncertain or when your emotions are trying to take control over you.

Staggered or Split Orders. You can benefit from the suspicious ‘wicks’ with Bitmex. You do not always have to enter into an operation at a specific price. The entry with split or staggered orders has a very impressive success these days. This will help you enter into a transaction that has the best possible average price.

Remember NOT to chase your losses. Always think twice when you want to enter into an operation where you want to recover your loss, you might end up losing again. This can cause a snowballing effect that can lead to total failure. Again, Bitmex is like a casino and it calls you to the game. It may be attractive, but your mind may play tricks with you. Check our smartoptions if you want to know more about Bitmex.