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Tips on How How to Look Good in a Suit

If you want to make a good first impression whether to your business associate or your boss, your suit should be well fitting. A well fitting suit not only amplifies your look but also it will make you comfortable to take on the world. For a suit to look good, different parts should come together to present a cohesive package.

Combatant GentlemenHere’s how you can look good in a Combatant Gentlemen suit:

Check shoulder alignment
To check if the jacket fits correctly, you should think about shoulder alignment. You have to remember that everything else can be tailored except the shoulders. Many overlook shoulder alignment because they do not have an idea of how it contributes to the total look.

The jacket’s shoulder pads can give an illusion of broader and less sloping shoulders. The rule of thumb is it should lie flat and should not bulge beyond your shoulders. The seam (of the shoulder) should meet the other seam (of the sleeve). If the seam that links these parts is dangling down, the suit will not sit right.

Choose high armhole suits
Armhole refers to the opening in a shirt where your arm goes. You will be surprised that your jacket armholes can make or break the fit of your suit. Like the shoulder alignment, armholes cannot be tailored. This means that you have to check this aspect before you purchase it. The ideal armhole is high but no restriction of movement. The rule of thumb here is when you move your arm, the whole jacket should not move.

Prefer slim fit
It is always recommended to choose a fit that is close to your body. It should not be too loose that it looks awkward or it should not be so tight that you look like you are smothered. For the right fit, the tailor will need to take the sides of the suit to design a trimmer silhouette.

Determine the length of the jacket
Determining the length of the jacket is an easy task. The bottom of the jacket should be long enough to cover your entire buttocks but it should not be lower than your knuckles. It should fall comfortably in a straight line.

Pick the right length of the sleeve
The right length of the sleeve should never fall lower than your thumb’s base. It should show half an inch of the shirt beyond the cuff of your suit jacket. In the case of short guys, they should have more cuff showing. For taller guys, they should have less cuff showing.

Combatant Gentlemen

Select little to no trouser break
Trouser break refers to the point where the pants meet your shoe. It should cease on the top of your shoe. More means the trouser will look long and sloppy. Basically, choose a trouser that has little to no pant break.