being a philosophy doesn't necessarily have to be done by both of those people

What Is Philanthropy? Why People Should Do Good

What is philanthropy? Imagine that you did something good today like helping an elderly cross the street, giving a hug to anyone that needs it, giving food to the hungry, helping someone get a job and so on. Now imagine those good deeds multiplied a hundred times and that is philanthropy. It’s about doing good consistently on a larger scale. Everything that is done is for the greater good of the many and not just a few.

Why People Should Do Good

Not everyone can do it and it doesn’t always require a fortune to pull it off. There are many ways to do it and it doesn’t necessarily need to be done by a billionaire or someone in a higher position. There are a few things in philanthropy that you should know about and if you want to become one, there are a few things that you should know in order to pull off a successful philanthropy work.

You don’t need to be rich: In today’s age doing good doesn’t mean that you have to be filthy rich even if you plan to feed a thousand people. Why? Because it’s now easier to gather up the needed money through various platforms that allow you to. The power of giving and doing good is universal and anyone can donate to your cause.

You don’t need to be in a position or in a higher power: The fact is that there are many ways to help people not just by being filthy rich or in a higher power. A simple person with big goals to help will have other like-minded people to support them. As mentioned, helping people is universal.

You don’t need to do it all by yourself: The fact is that there are many NGOs, companies or individuals that are into helping other people. You can always connect with them and do a collaborative philanthropy activity. It’s not just about collaboration but also to be able to access their capabilities and establish that sense of trust with them, so that if you have an endeavor of your own they will support you.

Money is not everything: Money’s not everything. You don’t always have to spend money in order to give something. Sometimes it can be in a form of teaching or a skill. You might think that this is nothing, but actually this can be a good investment. People pay for seminars and training to learn concepts, processes, and skills and you giving it for free is something. It is as important as giving money, clothing or food, or even better since it can be honed and can be something that can help the people that you give them to succeed in life.

Most p[eople think that being philanthropy only has either one requirement or two and that is having a ton of money or being powerful or both. What most people don’t know is that being a philosophy doesn’t necessarily have to be done by both of those people. For the most part, it’s done by simple people that simply want to make a difference, hard work and creativity just like Ryan Kavanaugh.