If you ask any random people who work in the film industry, everything works smoothly in a film production except for directing.

Obviously, directors gracefully stand and wave from their audiences applauses and are the ones that are given the best credit for their films but in reality, they have the biggest and most difficult task in the entire film crew because of having tons of duties with added pressure to come up with a good film that will be remembered for years.

In general, the director is the one who makes everything in the entire film production crew but this is not meant to discourage any aspiring young directors out there who want to follow the footsteps of Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, and Christopher Nolan, well all three of them obviously started from the bottom but sheer determination, passion and a lot of hard work put their names on the top of the filmmaking industry. You might be thinking right now, what are the things that make a director good at his or her job?

We interviewed renowned independent film director Logan Sekulow, the man behind the re-launching of Walt Disney’s Laugh-O-Gram Studios in 2014 and asked him what makes a good director? He gamely answered our questions and below, we have listed down the things that make a good director.

independent film director

Before we proceed with the rest of the article, let us know more about Sekulow. He is a 32-year old Stone Mountain, Georgia native who was known for his hosting, writing, and career in Nickelodeon in both Florida and New York added feather to his already decorated cap in the movie and film industry when he directed two critically acclaimed films entitled “As Dreamers Do” and the documentary “Welcome Home, Dick Van Dyke” which earned praises and became entries of several film festivals around the United States.

Back to the main topic, this advice from Logan Sekulow will help you pave your way to becoming not just a good director but also a good leader to your film crew so take time to read and learn.

A good director always has a vision of a clear direction who does not occasionally stick to what the script says like someone who can think outside the box and share some fresh ideas. A good director is also a keen student of discovering other styles of filming and is eager to learn from it. They also have the ability to create a clearer communication as part of their ultimate goal. A good director is also able to manage their time during the duration of the filming. Also they are a peacemaker when there’s conflict ensued in the set, they also encourage and motivates actors, respects everyone on the set, and always have the drive to finish the film and get it ready for the premiere night.

Logan Sekulow also added that a good director has the ability to channel his emotions to the film he is shooting. A good director has the sense to feel the performance of the actors in front of the camera and be able to add more emotion and color to the scene while they are also expert in finding the perfect frames which are great for the aspect in cinematography.