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Street style fashion at your door step

Online shopping is not just fun, but also convenient. One of the best features of online shopping is that you can shop for any type of fashion and style from any place in the world. One such new face in the world of online websites is LEONYX. It’s a street style fashion website or store แปล. They have creative designs with a lot of thought going behind each product. One of their known designs stems from their creative shirts, so there is no doubt as to it being known as เสื้อ shop.

More about the store

LEONYX is an online website. It is an East Asian brand and can be referred to as store แปล. It derives its name from the Big Cat family, the symbol of a star and three dashes. These together symbolize the honour of the brand’s pride. It is based on creating a style that brings together street fashion and art. They are trying to become a premium street fashion brand. For the same, they make use of high-quality raw materials, talented designers, extreme attention to detail along with a lot of East Asian cultures spirt brought into the products.

About the products

The online store has several products such as a variety of bottoms, accessories, dresses, as well as shirts and tops. Their unique graphic t-shirt designs will soon lead to them being called เสื้อ shop which means shirt store. The colours stick to orange, maroon and black and come together to form the face of a tiger just like the brand’s name. the tiger’s face as a logo is inspired by the pop art style and is sold on their lines of clothing to bring an aura of East Asian art.

The next time you’re doing some online shopping and are checking to up your fashion game, make sure you check out their online store.