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Selling collectibles in a coin cabinet

Once the coin has been identified, the first solution is to go to a coin cabinet. The expert will then take the time to examine your coins in detail and will offer to buy them if he finds them interesting. Note that a numismatic expertise firm pays you the same day and takes a commission of 20% to 30%. Some estimates can be made online and through very good quality photos. However, professional numismatists generally prefer that salespeople go to the office to estimate and/or sell coins from around the world or issued before 1800 or 1900. Finally, coin database  remember to make an appointment before traveling.

Selling collectibles online

It is the ideal solution if you do not want or cannot move. There are many sites on which to sell your collector’s coin (s): these work with the auction system. Whatever the site, you will have to write a complete description of the part you are going to sell. Before posting your ad, take care of your titles and check that your photos are clear: this is essential so that potential buyers have a precise idea of ​​the quality of the object. If they are practical and easy to use coin database , keep in mind that these different sites take commissions on each sale made, and, sometimes, insertion costs. You can calculate these costs in advance.

coin databaseSelling collector coins with other numismatists or on coin exchanges

Another solution for selling your collectibles is to organize meetings between numismatists: you find yourself among collectors and can find coins missing from your collection. Finally, remember to go to events dedicated to numismatics: this option is particularly suitable if you are a professional numismatist. There is a multitude of numismatic exchanges taking place throughout and throughout the year. Some of these events are so-called “all collections” grants. During these numismatic exchanges, you will be able to exhibit your collection and meet other collectors who are potential buyers.