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Consume Fresh Oysters in Singapore for a Slight Taste of the Ocean


Oysters are a kind of seafood that allows you to taste the ocean in a single bite. Savouring fresh oysters is an acquired taste – for some, the slippery, salty morsels floating in their own liquid may be challenging to swallow. For others, they are a delight. However, for oyster connoisseurs, nothing comes close to recreating the distinctive and highly sought-after textures and flavors of their favorite seafood — and all agree. The best oyster online singapore is available at Greenwood Fish Market.

All of the oysters are hand-picked, and each one is carefully cleaned and skillfully shucked before being packaged and sealed to ensure maximum freshness and flavor retention for you.Orders may be scheduled for delivery in advance (which is preferable), or orders can be picked up the same day if necessary.

Delicious oysters at the restaurant

The oysters served here are varied and have a well-balanced flavor. They are gentle on your taste buds. Because of their perishability, live oysters must be treated with care to keep them fresh. They have compiled a list of the most acceptable oyster delivery available, all of which provide consistently high-quality shellfish. Use them to pair with a glass of bubbly, include them in a more extensive seafood feast, or send them as a care package to a friend in need of some love.


The restaurant greenwood Fish market, which is well-known for its fish and chips, also serves as a wholesale seafood market, offering fresh catches at competitive rates. A dependable and hassle-free option is the Oyster Platter, which includes your choice of 12 Canadian Mary Points, Golden Mantle, or Sun Seeker Oysters, as well as the Cold Seafood Platter, which provides for Steamed 12 Boston Lobster, Marinated Swordfish Belly, Freshly Shucked Oysters, Salmon Sashimi, New Zealand Littleneck Clams, Cooked Live Tiger Prawns, and In-House Applewood Cold Smoked