Fenugreek Seeds

What You Should Remember About Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are types of seeds that are dominantly found in Southeastern Europe and South Asia. Its also cultivated in various parts of the world like East Africa, North Africa, Greece, China, and Ukraine. It’s popular in some countries and its a staple in countries where it’s present. But if you want to try one out, the best place to buy this is online, because as much as many people want to try this type of spice, its just not available in any grocery stores.

So how does it taste like? For the benefit of the curious crowd (assuming you’re actually curious), it has a sweet yet bitter hint of maple. In case you didn’t know you actually tasted this before especially if you love eating Indian curry. That’s right, this is actually one of the common ingredients in making an Indian curry. Usually, it’s used as a spice that enhances the flavor of proteins and vegetables.

Use in moderation: The thing about this type of spice is that its bitter. Although that’s good if properly calibrated, too much of it can actually open up an entirely different depth of bitterness, which you won’t like for the most part. It’s easy to douse this in curry since there are so many spices that are added in it. And adding Fenugreek seeds just adds a whole new complexity to the dish.

adding Fenugreek seeds

What is it good for: There are many uses for it given that it compliments a lot of dish with the right serving. If you’re curious what its good for, it actually pairs well with cardamom, cumin, cloves, turmeric, and fennel. Those are even just a scratch on the surface. If you check online, you will see various applications of the spice that will give you more ideas on its application.

Where to buy one: Unless you’re in a country where this is made and common, it’s just in your local grocery store, but if you happen to be not in those countries, the best place to buy is online. There are already so many online spice stores where you can buy this that it’s even safe to say that acquiring one is pretty convenient. But of course to ensure that you get the best quality one you should buy from a trusted online source.

fenugreek seed is a unique spice that not all people have known about. But if you do, with how it tastes there are so many application where you can apply such a spice. If you want to buy a good quality online, its highly advised that you do your homework and identify an online store that has a good reputation for selling one.