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How much a children of 12 years old play tato games

From the age of 12, the child is able to hold attention and concentrate for a long time, so he can enter high level games, both skill and strategy. In fact, the level of dexterity they can develop in their interaction with the machine토토사이트 is quite surprising. And  also quite discouraging for us when we play with them. These games can have extraordinary levels of difficulty, where the player must pay attention to keep more than one hundred variables.

What should they play?

When buying a video game, you have to take into account its classification according to the content. Like movies, video games have a marked minimum age to play.  Before the age of 3, children show no interest in video games, as they do not have sufficient cognitive skills. Their interaction with computers, tablets and mobiles are to see video content, such as cartoons, children’s movies or even something as unusual as watching a girl open fifty surprise eggs in a row.

plenty of games

However, there are plenty of games suitable for children from 3 years. They reward their imagination and ability, while they can improve certain cognitive skills in their development. For example, in 2012, a study with children between 3 and 7 years old who had used the Martha Speaks Dog Party application for 15 days in a row, found an increase in vocabulary in 31 percent of the participants.

Our recommendation is games where the goal is to build simple things, identify animals or develop reading and writing skills, since at that age they start with that learning in school. They tend to be, in addition, games that do not need continuity, since children at these ages tend to get tired and bored quickly because of their limited ability to maintain attention or elaborate complex reasoning about game strategies. And something very important: it is recommended that parents play with the children.