Playstation 4 Review

Playstation 4 Review — The Sims 4

The Sims series started on my computer, a decade ago, and it became one of EA’s most popular sellers. After more than a decade, the sims with several names are still alive to kick them on the PlayStation 4 console. Will it be the exciting and exciting strategic game that made the PC version becomes a blockbuster, or this port often Will it be a joke for experienced players?

How it works?

For all those who are surprised, the Sims 4 works outstandingly with the PlayStation 4 using DualShock 4. Using the right analog stick to move the cursor, which is actually a holographic marker used for the selection, as well as for the zoom and pan. Players will find that the PS4 version in sims 4 download is almost as pleasurable as the PC equivalent. The menu is very simple to navigate, and the actions are as simple as choosing a simulator and choosing a solution through a HUD. Beginners and veterans should have no problems experiencing emotion and enjoying the creation of a home, a family and, finally, a profession on the ground.

Graphically, the Sims 4 is good to see

Many methods, from character animation to character models, will make players believe they really control a fantasy society without moral headaches. Caricatures, but at the same time, the soft visual effects fit into the atmosphere of style, in addition to the game has an excellent presentation personality. For most of the Sims 4for PS4 will be the first high definition version of the Sims, which shows that the transfer of popular computer games to consoles not only increases the reach, but also improves the games along with the standardized equipment and can click here for info.

Playstation 4 Review

For all those who do not know, The Sims is not like most simulation games, like Journey Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, along with other popular games in the sense that, as an alternative to working on breeding sites, the Player aims to increase any virtual game. However, these adjustments are not as deep as those you visit in the role play, and are mostly cosmetic. This does not mean that this option is limited because the Sims 4 has an excellent amount of visual options. However, this lack of functional options leads to the availability and simplicity of the title, and anyone, regardless of age, will feel welcome.

Undoubtedly, the main complaint that anyone who plays The Sims 4 for PS4 can have is the loading time. Occasionally, loading can take place in a few minutes, as they occur each time a new area is accessed. Creating a simulator will take you a lot of time just by loading the resource menu. However, in the event that the loading time depends on the player who finally discovers when to avoid useless wandering, it is likely that the experience of the tip will be just as pleasant for his creativity.


On paper, The Sims 4 is, as a rule, a simulator for a single player, but does not say that developers do not consider an increase in the social aspect acceptable to better adapt to the era of the network of consoles. By using the attached EA Online Pass during the game, players receive a cloud of user-generated content from the Exchange community.