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Millions of children worldwide suffer from various illnesses and not every child is privileged enough to be able to afford the best healthcare facilities. Unprivileged kids worldwide have to keep suffering from fatal diseases with no option of treatment at their hands just because they are poor and cannot afford medical facilities. The SickKids foundation by bashir dawood aims at eliminating the same problem worldwide. No child should have to suffer from diseases without any help at their hand. The main aim of this foundation is to ensure a healthy and safe life for all children.

What is the aim of this foundation?

This is a charitable foundation that has been developed into a health organization with the motive of eradicating health issues among the children of the entire world. It aims at providing the best healthcare resources to as many children as possible by researching, investing in healthcare, and more.

How does this foundation work?

The SickKids foundation works in various ways. It helps the youth by funding various health care centers across the globe so that the medical facilities can be provided at cheaper rates to every child who requires it. The donations made to this organization are being utilized to assist in curing various illnesses among the children. This will help make a difference in the world step by step.

Save the life of children across the globe by donating to the SickKids Foundation.