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Hiring an electrical contractor

Not all electrical repair contractors do as good a job as they could advertise. By allowing any contractor to repair your electrical equipment, you risk aggravating the situation and losing money by calling another contractor who will take care of your problem. Safety is another thing to think about when repairing electrical equipment. Otherwise, a fire or electric shock may occur.

Insurance and licenses

One of the first things you want to consult with electrical contractors is that they currently have licenses and insurance. If the contractor has employees, they should ask if the contractor’s license covers them, and if they are well trained. Since the handling of electrical equipment can be dangerous, you must ensure that both you and the contractor are protected. The contractor must have insurance against damages and civil liability.

If repairing your electrical equipment requires significant changes, contractors must have permission to work in your city or obtain permission if necessary. It would also be useful to ask the contractor if he knows the building codes and if he can follow them appropriately if needed.

electrical equipment


Since you are buying your electrical equipment in strømtest.no to save some money, you can ask potential contractors to give you recommendations to get an idea of ​​how previous clients work and how they work. You can also ask your friends and family to make recommendations if you have trouble finding contractors. Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure they recognize your contractor, and to search online to see if you can find any complaints or compliments about the contractor.

Get everything in writing.

Just as a contract is not so much a sign of disbelief as a way to make sure everyone is on the same page, getting quotes and services in writing is a way to make sure you and your contractor are aware of your repair. Having everything in writing also helps you avoid shocks when you receive the final bill. Never pay the contractor in advance before any work is done, and be sure to ask about any additional costs before replacing or repairing your electrical equipment.

Ask how long the repair will take, and ask when the contractor and his staff will be at your home. Guarantees and guarantees: this is something else that must be verified before starting repairs. If you need new accessories, you should consider your warranty if you buy accessories from a contractor. If you decide to purchase the lamps yourself, you will be responsible if they do not work correctly.