Virus Shield Singapore

Increase Protection With Virus Shield Singapore

Given that the COVID wave has subsided and things are returning to normal, offices must be adequately stocked to help protect staff going forward from illness. Using desk installations, like an acrylic virus shield singapore, is one of the most crucial ways to achieve this. Businesses in Singapore that use acrylic desk dividers are sure to experience a significant drop in sick days while also, and perhaps more importantly, protecting staff from potential visitor viruses.

More than ever, it is crucial that Singapore maintain its social segregation policies to help further halt the pandemic’s spread, and these virus shields will do exactly that.

Additionally, these acrylic virus shields are incredibly adaptable due to the following reasons:

– Panels can be made to any size that the office needs.

– Users can choose a transparent acrylic shield of 3 or 5 millimeters.

– They are simple to fix.

– Ideal for establishments such as offices, eateries, cafeterias, coffee shops, and more

– Excellent for small compact spaces

These shields effectively ensure that businesses and office spaces in Singapore adhere to the minimum social distancing norms prescribed to curb the spread of infectious viruses and other pathogens. Not only that, these shields are clear and transparent. This ensures that critical communication in the office is not hindered, and employees can continue doing their work efficiently. Due to the thin profile and form factor of these virus shields, it allows proper light flow into cubicles and spaces, eliminating darkness and claustrophobia that are otherwise associated with these kinds of PVC dividers.