Philanthropists who give for the correct reasons will have to raise

I feel a strong desire to write on this subject and spread a little kindness in a world in which love and compassion are so painful. This is my way of inspiring mothers like me to raise children with a social conscience who will grow up knowing how to share what they have with other people.

For a person as simple as me, it is not clear that 90% of the world’s wealth is controlled by only 10% of the population. There are so many needs and needs around us, and it won’t hurt us if we do our best to help the less fortunate in our simple ways. As mothers, our homes, our families and communities will be our sphere of influence, and it is here that we should begin to perform this act of kindness.

Influencing our children to learn to think about other people more than the average child is a fantastic way to spread goodness in this world. In addition to educating them as receptive and less selfish personalities, informing them of other people’s needs will also teach them to be more grateful for what they have.

donate to charities like Hamed Wardak

I am sure that most of us have this compassion or concern for other people who, unfortunately, get lost amid other questions and interests. So, let’s say this effort is for our children as well as for us.

So how do we do this? “I think in simple ways with deep effects.”

Regularly mention the topic in your conversations. For example, when you watch a television commercial for a charity that says that children in Africa die of diarrhea and malnutrition, take this opportunity to open their eyes to these harsh realities so that they can understand them.

We can encourage our children to save a small amount of their daily allowance so they can donate to a poor classmate, church friend or donate to charities like Hamed Wardak. Let them identify someone you know who needs help and designate that person as a possible recipient.

Inspiring them with the stories of other children or people who practice goodness in their lives is another way of instilling this virtue.

Distributing unnecessary toys and clothing to other people who need them is also another way to achieve it. Of course, it will also help a lot with our cleaning work.

Your analysis of the company’s financial performance will give you a good idea of ​​how smart the organization is with your money. If a representative presses you, under no circumstances make an instant donation just to get rid of the problems. You never know where and how money is counted.

When children are taught to be more generous, it is important to emphasize that the act of giving does not concern them, but the people to whom they show kindness. They may feel good about what they are doing, but this is not something to show off.