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The charges on the electrical consumption

A certain rate of electric charges for using electrical energy by the consumer. Mainly the tariff of electricity tariff singapore includes the cost of total production as well as the supply of electrical energy along with the profit that is gained by the company of the power. The tariff usually will not be the same for all kinds of consumers. It is mainly due to the production cost which will be involved in the electrical energy. This in turn depends mainly upon the factor of magnitude related to the energy of the electrical consumption by the consumer and the condition of their load.

In short, it is the method of charges on the consumer of the electric power where it covers both the production as well as the supplying of the electric energy along with the reasonable cost.


There is various reason for charging the tax on electricity consumption. The rate of charges mainly depends on various factors. It does not only depend on the production cost as well as the transmission but it also includes the profit earned on reasonable bases. Therefore, the tariff mainly includes certain factors.

It mainly covers the production cost that would be incurred in the electrical energy at the particular power station. It also includes the investment cost which will be incurred in the transmission as well as the distribution of electrical-based energy.

It also covers the operation charges as well as the maintenance elements which are associated with the system of power like meters, bills equipment, and many other various elements.

At the same time, it should also generate the profit it has gained from the investment that has been made.