Why digital locks are in demand for HDB flats

Digital locks are ideal for Condos, HBD flats, landed property gates and other doors. They are not only the trending home fashion in Singapore but also provide great security to the home over a traditional key and locking system. A keyless digital lock for HBD flat doors is a much safer option with a classy effect that you cannot deny.

Here are some reasons why digital locks are catching up with the trend for HBD homes in Singapore.

The reasons behind a high demand for digital locks

  • Ease of use

Touch a button, tap a card or use your smartphone, can any lock be more convenient? No fumbling for keys, there is no need to remember where your keys are or live fear of losing them. The other common modes of access are PINs, RFID cards, Bluetooth keys and biometrics.

  • Look and feel

There is no way you wouldn’t fall for the design. Digital locks offer chique modern aesthetics that only enhances the status of your home. They are designed such that they fit in any décor and style you have adopted for your HBD flat.

  • Full of features

A digital lock offers many functionalities, that are usually absent in traditional locks. Fire alarm, tamper alarm, auto re-locking, access logs and other features to name them.

  • Smart way to a secured home

If your phone, television and even your bathroom are given the advantage of getting smart, then why not your door locks? Going keyless is the new trend and you would be happy to implement home automation systems in your HBD flat.