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EKG tests – A Comprehensive Guide  

Once you search for ekg test near me in Maryland, you will be flooded with a lot of information. It’s not unusual to get confused among so many search results. That’s why we have curate a comprehensive article to inform you everything you need to know about EKG test.

EKG test is the mapping of the electrical system of heart. It allows the doctors to recognize heart rhythm and get an insight into the function and structure of the heart. It also helps to diagnose poor blood flow in the heart muscle.

During EKG test, medical practitioners place a sticker on the chest to capture any electrical impulse which comprises heart rhythm. You have to remove the shirt and lay still for some seconds. Also, the patients need not carry anything else for EKG test.

This is absolutely painless and simple process that measures the electrical signal in heart. Every time your heart beats, the electrical signal starts to travel through the heart. And an EKG test shows whether heart beating is normal or poor. Also, it shows the position and size of the heart chambers. An abnormal sign of EKG is a sign of heart damage or disease.

This test is commonly referred to as the ECG test.

Let’s take a look at why an EKG test is used for. This test is generally used for monitoring several heart disorders. These include the following:

  • Blocked artery, arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat, heart damage, heart attack, heart failure etc.
  • From ambulance to emergency room and several hospital rooms – EKG test is rapidly used for diagnosing any suspected heart attack.

Also, middle aged and older people are recommended to go through such test to learn any risk of heart disease.

Here are a few symptoms which compels an EKG test. These are as follow:

Chest pain, arrhythmia, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue, and so on. Also, if you had a heart attack or other related problems in the past, had a family history of having heart disease, scheduled for a surgery, obtained a pacemaker, or taking other heart medicines, EKG test is mandatory.

An EKG test can distinctly show how the pacemaker device is working. Also, if you are taking any heart medicines, EKG can show if the medicine is still working or you need to change it.

There is very little risk in EKG test but you may feel minor skin irritation or discomfort during the test.