Fat Loss To Target Areas: Is It Possible?

Yes, you are skinny, but do you find it hard to lose some fat in some areas of your body? Usually, your waistline, buttocks, arms, and even your thighs are the most common areas where the body stores excess fat. Losing the extra pounds on these areas through diet and exercise can be challenging. If you have the same problem, then you will find that looking for a quick fix is not that easy.

All About “Spot Reduction”

If you want to lose fat in a targeted area, this is called spot reduction. This is a type of exercise that people do if they are trying to tone down a specific area in their body. Spot reduction became very popular worldwide. Those who do spot reduction also partner it with fascia blasting using a specialized tool called the fasciablaster.

Spot reduction is being promoted in the health and fitness realm for some time now. Even though there is not much scientific evidence to support it, many can attest that it is very effective. Burning fat using spot reduction and fascia blasting is appealing to those who are having trouble losing weight for some time and they want to use other methods to achieve their fitness and weight goals.


Why Reduce These Stubborn Spots?

There are so many reasons why people want to shed off the stubborn weight on certain parts of their bodies. That can be to reduce their risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease or simply to improve their health. There are individuals who proportionally carry their weight on different parts of their bodies. But there are others who have excess baggage in specific parts of their bodies.

There are different factors that affect this – gender, age, genetics, and even lifestyle. These greatly affect weight gain as well as the accumulation of fat in these stubborn areas. However, women have a higher body fat percentage compared to men. This is why they tend to have problematic thighs and buttocks. This happens a lot during their childbearing years. But during premenopause and menopause years, hormonal changes shift these stored fats into the belly region. For men, on the other hand, they ten to put more pounds in their midsection.

Spot Reduction – Is It Effective?

Even though the targetted fat loss is ideal, there are too few scientific studies that prove this to be effective. This is why many consider using tools like FasciaBlaster. Fascia blastic is now a very popular device because of fascia blasting – a modern method of fascial manipulation. This process uses a hard plastic stick called the FascisBlaster, invented by Ashley Black, with claw-like attachments to reach the deepest part of your fascia.

Many people enjoyed the benefits that they get from fascia blasting. These benefits include firmer skin, cellulite reduction, reduced muscle, and joint pains, increased circulation, and also weight loss on targeted areas.

So what are you waiting for? If you are having issues with your weight control, try spot reduction and fascia blasting today. See the amazing effects yourself!