your true self by doing self-massage

Find your true self by doing self-massage

The closer you are to yourself, the closer you will be to live in peace and constant satisfaction, regardless of what is happening around you. There are many ways to find your true self, one of which is a physical connection with yourself through massage.

Regular massage helps keep the body in good shape and relaxes the mind. A visit to a massage therapist is an excellent relief from the stress we have in our bodies, but an even better way to evaluate ourselves is to massage ourselves. When you massage, you will discover where you maintain tension and how to relieve it. Self-massage makes you more aware of your body, it helps you relax and regain strength.

best time for self-massage

The night before bed is the best time for self-massage. Use oil or body cream so that your hands glide smoothly on your skin:

  • Start your feet; Stimulating the entire sole of your feet, sand between your toes and rub under and around your ankles.
  • Go to the calves and knead the muscles with your fingers and thumbs to release the nodes. Massage your knees well, especially behind your knees, and continue to lift your legs in the same way.
  • Go to the front of the body and massage the stomach clockwise.
  • Approach the right side of the body through the liver and gallbladder (the right abdominal side, directly below the diaphragm) and carefully massage the area; This helps the flow of energy to the liver, helping your digestive system to function more efficiently.
  • Go to the chest, heart, and neck, then make both hands. Back massage is difficult, but you can massage your shoulders, hips, buttocks and the back of your legs.
  • Massage the back and neck, then end with a relaxing scalp massage. You can apply oil on the scalp, which is also good for the hair and can be washed in the morning.

Train in the massage itself, or as a couple, or simply as a friend, give a massage, what a wonderful gift to give someone you love or care about!

All you need to do is learn some simple techniques that you can use on your own or share with someone you care about. It is also a wonderful way to recognize your own body. If you like self-massage or massage, you will tell a friend, family member or partner how good you feel and they will also want to try it!


Self-massage with FasciaBlaster provides physical benefits, helps your body function better and relieves muscle tension that you can get from any type of massage, but by massaging yourself, you also get the benefits of combining your mind, body and spirit to get to know each other better and Driving your life are more appropriate.