Drug Rehab Treatment

Things to Expect if You Submit to a Drug Rehab Treatment

Acknowledging that you need help is the first step to recovery. The next step is considering treatment. With that, it is important to look for Rehab Near Me. Before anything, a rehab is a place for you to start over because of the treatments available. With this, you can get a chance to get back on track.

When you look at it closely, checking in to a drug rehab will allow you to get away from temptation and distraction. In the end, you are giving the best possible environment to recover. It is normal to have apprehension but you should at least know what to expect.

To give you a sense of calm, here’s what to expect during a drug rehab treatment:


Detoxification is an important process because it purges the body of substances. It is done before the official treatment and it usually starts with intake interview and assessment. The medical professionals or staff will take your medical and family history including drug use. From the information gathered, the professionals will determine if detox is needed.

The detox is supervised because of the withdrawal period. As for the detox period, it can take as little as a couple of days to a week or more. This is, of course, dependent on the history of abuse or drug abuse.

Structured schedule

You should not expect a holiday or vacation because recovery is a journey. This means there are many things in store for you but in essence, programs are carefully scheduled to maximize available time. The structured schedule is beneficial for people emerging from addiction.

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Although there is a tight schedule, it is not expected that you always work. There is always a time that you will be free from a structured schedule to give you more opportunities to pursue other things that you like. For instance, the rehab center will offer sporting activities, cultural workshops, community outings, and other fun activities.


You should also take part in counseling, which is often scheduled every day. However, counseling is not only one mode – it is offered in different modalities that can include individual sessions and group therapy sessions with a certified counselor or therapist.

Relapse prevention

After your arrival at the center, you will soon start planning your exit. This means you have to identify threats and determine what you will do when you are tempted. Planning your relapse prevention will give you more reward once you get back in the community.

Family participation

Your addiction affects the family as well as your recovery. With this, you should expect family participation. This can help the family learn ways to contribute to your recovery. While you are at it, it is better to make amends to family members for wrongs that you did while using.

Continuing care

Finally, you should expect continuing care. Recovery is a life-long process, which requires maintenance. To think that you get everything in control after leaving the center is an understatement. You should think of long-term recovery so you must stick to continuing care provided by the facility.