For this reason, today we want to tell you about the most important points that you must take into account so that they do not deceive you. We will also teach you to choose the sports supplements that will help you the most depending on your sport and objectives.

Choose a nutritional supplement : learn which one you need

Generally, the Energy supplements to ingest depend on what we need: energy, tonicity, increase or decrease in weight, etc. Making a wrong choice could imply an adverse result , and this is something that is verified with the help of a coach or nutritionist.

Of course there are some supplements and vitamins that are considered generic. Among them are multivitamin tablets, protein powders and even creatine. The rest of the products will depend on the particular needs of each person.

food supplements

In summary, choosing a nutritional supplement is delicate and requires time, information and investment. 70% of what our body is is defined by what we eat and there are included food supplements. A greater consumption of anything is not always the best.

First of all, you should know that correct information when supplementing is basic. However, the first tool we have at hand, the Internet, can be turned against us because ‘there is a lot of short and sticky and many theories of all kinds and color,


Secondly, the price is a component that plays a key role: “The famous low cost is always in exchange for something . In any consumer good, the price makes the difference, which is quality, effectiveness and service, ” Generally, the companies that sell at low prices are not companies that have an R & D (Research and Development) department  does, they neither manufacture nor formulate them and very often “nor do they only know the content of the supplement they are selling (…) Those of us who buy should know who is behind the product, be more careful and be aware of what we expose ourselves by buying at a low price. “