Plasma Cutter

Combination Plasma Cutter Units

Plasma cutters are machines, that cut different types of metals with the help of electrically conductive materials, with the help of plasma torch. Air is blown into nozzle with high speed forming an electrical arc through gas to cut the surface and turns some gas into plasma, enough for the metal to melt and cut. Welder, in terms of machine is referred as welding power supply, typically used to combine various metals by electrode. However, without precautions, it could be dangerous sometimes, as the sparks comes out while cutting. Devices are combined with Welders and Plasma cutters together, and would not have a capability to hurt though the device cut the metal into pieces with quick and clean finishing. Plasma cutters will have different power levels to cut the metal, the higher the power used, the more precise and easy to cut thicker metals.

Things to consider

Plasma Cutter

Before customers purchase plasma cutter, they must look into few things, that are important and which is why the device is needed. One must confirm, if the device cuts both thicker and thinner metals, and how often will you get to use the device, and do you need a portable unit, will a generator be required to use with plasma cutter, necessity of adapting power outlets, ensure that you have a adequate power supply that is intended to have for Welders and Plasma cutters combination, and it consists of duty cycle letting you make cuts as long as you need. The combination works well for hobbyists rather than frequent welders and cutters.

Check for best results

Many devices that have a combination of welder and cutter such as TIG welder and plasma cutter performs well for both cutting and welding with longer durability and best results. To decide which model suits you better among the pool of advanced technologies, one must consider how precise a thicker metal is cut with that device. Most plasma cutters claim for well cut machines, but one must check for benchmark of cutting a thick metal. This indicates that the maximum cut will be higher than the clean cut measurement, requiring finishing on the edges formed by the cutter.  Due to its advanced technology and low costs, plasma cutters are used widely from small scale to large scale industries as well as by hobbyists.