energy for your home

How to choose the most suitable source of energy for your home

The choice of the type of energy in our home is determined mainly by the air conditioning system that we have or plan to use in it. Therefore, when deciding this system, and in order to obtain the maximum efficiency and profitability to the household energy consumption, we must pay special attention to the supplies available in the area, the meters of the house, the type of housing or block and, in the case of a new work or a reform, the type of energy rating that is intended to be achieved.

household energy consumption


  • Gas is today the most frequently used energy source, mainly because the investment for its installation is relatively low. Within this type of fuel we can find two different methods of use: natural gas and liquefied gas or LPG.
  • Natural gas is composed mostly of methane and is transported by a pipe network that links thousands of kilometers. The presentation with this kind of fuel is rising considerably with the use of condensing boilers, since it does not suppose a great expense nor space in its installation and causes less CO2 emissions than other fossil fuels.
  • Through the condensing boilers we can obtain heating using radiators, underfloor heating or radiant heating. It works very efficiently with water between 35 and 45ºC and distributes heat constantly and without sudden changes.
  • Therefore, provided that a natural gas network is available in the area, this system is presented as one of the best alternatives for the air conditioning of the home, being able to feed it even with thermal solar panels.

In the case of single-family homes where the natural gas network does not reach, a good alternative is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). valuable company  This fuel is composed of methane and propane liquefied at low pressure that reduce its volume and facilitate its transport. Therefore, its advantage is that it can be stored in special tanks for marketing and distribution.