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Understanding the Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

When you hear traumatic brain injury, it gives you fright because of the nature and extent of the injury. Traumatic brain injury is the result of a violent blow to the head of the body. It can be mild or serious. Mild traumatic brain injury affects the brain cells but temporarily. Serious traumatic brain injury, auto accident lawyeron the other hand, results in bleeding, bruising and other physical damage to the brain; the injuries can lead to complications or death.

The symptoms of mild to severe traumatic brain injuries include physical (like a persistent headache, repeated nausea or vomiting, seizures, loss of coordination, inability to awaken from sleep and weakness in toes and fingers) and cognitive (like confusion, agitation, and slurred speech) symptoms. It is crucial that you see the doctor if you experienced the symptoms especially after a blow to the head incident.

To prevent this, you should be aware of the events that can lead to traumatic brain injury. Here are causes:

From falls
The most common cause of traumatic brain injury is from falls. It can be from a ladder, stairs, or in the bath.

From vehicle collisions
Whether it is a car, bicycles or motorcycles, collision is a serious accident. Aside from the drivers and the passengers, the pedestrians are also at risk of vehicle-related collisions. If you have injuries sustained in a vehicle accident, it is time that you think about You will be financially compensated.

From acts of violence
Another cause of traumatic brain injury is from violence. This includes gunshot wounds, assaults, domestic violence, and even child abuse. For babies, they can also suffer shaken baby syndrome. This happens when the baby is violently shaken.

From sports
Sports can also lead to traumatic brain injuries, which is common in youth. Extreme or high-impact sports like football, skateboarding, hockey, soccer, boxing, and baseball can increase traumatic brain injuries.

From explosive blasts
auto accident lawyerAnother cause of traumatic brain injury is from explosive blasts and combat injuries. A severe penetrating wound, severe blow to the head with shrapnel and bodily collisions with other objects lead to traumatic brain injury.

You have to understand that several complications will happen immediately or soon after you have a traumatic brain injury. For the most part, it can alter your state of consciousness. It can be one of the four states – minimally conscious, coma, vegetative state, and brain dead. Physical complications include seizures, blood vessel damage, headaches, vertigo and fluid buildup in the brain. You will also have cognitive problems, social issues, and even behavioral changes.