types of baby changing station

Babies are assets: It makes mom happy

Babies and toddlers need special care especially when they are taken out for a day. Maybe in the mall or other public places. One invention that brought extreme convenience to mothers when going out with their little ones is the baby changing station.

You can’t escape from dirty diapers, but you can make diaper work easier if you have a safe and comfortable baby changing station. The place should be baby friendly, safe and functional. It should have plenty of storage space like shelves, drawers or baskets that are functional.

baby changing station

Various types of baby changing station: by Koala

  • Horizontal wall mounted known for its durability, the product includes child protection strap and bag hooks this has been tested to support two hundred 200 lbs without minimal bounce
  • Oval wall mounted bed surface contains microban antimicrobial, this reduces the bacteria that cause odor. This is design for infant only up to three years old
  • Vertical wall mounted it has a built-in liner and two bag hooks. for child’s safety. Parents are required to always keep the place clean so as to avoid their babies from getting sick.

Thanks to Jeff Hilger:

Until the middle of 80’s, it was very difficult for moms to find a good place to change a diaper. That was when Jeff Hilger, a salesman saw the opportunity. He and his friends made a solution to make a device that could be mounted to the wall.

With that idea, Hilger and his team changed the public toile forever. And doing so the American dining and shopping habits changed. No more parents beg of toting their babies along. This is the answer of many working parents and double income household increase the desire to be with their children as much as possible.

How it Started:

When he first selling the product to retailers and restaurants, he distributes out brochures showing pose with a baby in the arms of its mother. But business owners cannot see its significance in the product. Hilger tries again promoting his product to men in their 60s who never changed a diaper in their life.

A New Brochure

This time Hilger shows a woman on her hands and knees changing her baby’s diaper in the bathroom floor- did the trick. From that brochure, customers piled in including McDonald.

Room for Improvement:

There still many rooms for growth and improvement. In facilities where restroom for women has a baby changing station while men don’t have. With the new inventions today surely many will be benefited especially our mothers.