Right Weight Bench

Home Gym Guide for Beginners: How to Choose the Right Weight Bench

Working out at home is trending. It allows health conscious people to work out comfortably and conveniently. If, in this case, you are interested in any weight training program at home, you should think about securing a weight bench.

Before you choose, it is crucial that you know the different types of weight benches. The three major types of weight benches include flat weight bench (cannot be adjusted or folded), vertical bench (suited for shoulder press exercises) and adjustable weight bench (allows users to adjust the inclination depending on the angle required).

Aside from the different types of weight benches, the market also offers different materials, comfort, shapes, and sizes. For a beginner, these things can be confusing and overwhelming. To end up purchasing the right weight bench according to your fitness needs, here are some guidelines:

Think about your fitness goals

You have to start by thinking about your fitness goals. Do you want to simply lose weight or do you want to build your muscle mass? You have to think about your goals so you can plan ahead and identify the right weight bench for your needs.

Keep in mind that there are benches that are fitted with a mechanism to hold other fitness equipment. There are other benches featuring higher and lower hooks for doing upper body exercises. If you are after the leg, there are weight benches that feature leg extensions for a better declined or inclined positions.

types of weight benches

Establish your priorities

While it is good to consider benches with advanced or additional features, it may not be what you need. If you do not think about your priorities, it could inhibit your ability to perform a particular exercise.

With this, it is a crucial step to establish your priorities at the onset before securing a weight bench. The best thing to do here is to list down all the exercises that you intend to and take into account other equipment you have.

Set your budget

The budget will be the deciding factor. You must know that fitness equipment pieces have become pricey these days. With this, it is crucial that you decide the amount of money you are planning to spend on a weight bench but it is important to check the quality. Remember that not all weight benches are created equal.

Check the quality

You have to ensure quality equipment because exercise is a strenuous activity that you want to hopefully do for the rest of your life. Usually, weight benches rest on metal legs. The legs should be sturdy to manage your weight.

Go for weight benches having natural body curve as well as padded surfaces. You should also opt for a weight bench that has a wider surface offering better grip. Visit this site for better choices.

Determine the space and size available

Do not forget to check how much space you have for the bench to fit in. Keep in mind that you need more space for your arm to fully extend especially when performing chest flys.