Granite Countertop for Your Kitchen

How to Select Suitable Granite Countertop for Your Kitchen

If you want to remodel your kitchen, you should be involved. All the decisions should be carefully thought if you want a satisfying and appealing result. There are many things to consider but you should pay more attention to your countertop. After all, countertops can pull the entire room together.

The good news is that there are many materials you can consider. However, if you want something natural-looking and elegant, you should go for granite countertops. Granite has become the go-to material for countertops these days. There are many reasons behind it but basically, granite countertops are durable, versatile, easy to maintain, heat and scratch-resistant and easy to fix.

Selecting a suitable granite countertop is another thing. You should know how to select the right one so you will not regret your decision at the end of the day. Here’s how to select a suitable granite countertop:

Think about your budget

Your decision will mostly depend on the granite countertop prices. You must know that granite countertops are expensive. Its price is comparable to quartz countertops. You should expect prices to range between $45 and $200 per square foot including the installation.

granite countertop prices

One way to cut down the price is opting for a thinner slab like the 3/4–inch stone instead of the usual 1¼-inch slab. If it is prefabricated, you will spend less. However, if your budget allows it, you can customise the slab based on your requirement. Before you approach a representative, you should have a budget in mind.

Decide between tile or slab granite

You should decide whether you want a tile or slab granite. Tile granites are budget-friendly but you will see visible grout lines. Slab granites are more expensive in terms of materials and labor. Certainly, your budget will dictate whether you consider a tile or slab granite.

Look for a countertop that can complement the cabinets

You need to ensure that the granite countertop complements your cabinets. There are ways to ensure that you match the countertop and cabinets. For instance, you can choose a granite that is the same color as your cabinets but with dark veining. If you prefer granite with contrasting color, you should consider granite with veins of color that match your cabinets.

Determine if you want dark or light granite

When you are choosing for the shade, there are a few things to keep in mind. Generally, light-colored granite countertops are suitable for small kitchens because they give the illusion of a larger space. If your kitchen does not get much natural light, light-colored granite can make a difference. Black or gray granite, on the other hand, offer a dramatic look, which is suitable in modern kitchens. Brown and beige are the most versatile colors, which will work well with any kitchen style.

Pick a unique pattern

As soon as you pick the color, you need to select a unique pattern. You must know that granite comes in three patterns – marbled, solid and speckled. Marbled granite has smooth texture and color while solid granite offers little variation in its pattern. The most popular option is the speckled granite pattern because it offers a good deal of variation.