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Washers are thin plates that are shaped in structure of disc which has whole in middle. It is usually installed to distribute pressure and load over the nut and bolts. Flat washers serve smooth bearing basic base between the nut and the bolt. These flat washers generally have are the additional elements which are used with nut and bolt and it is used to provide fixation when the hole has larger diameter than fixing nut.

quality of the washer

Flat washers are manufactured using the following metals:

  • Stainless steel:

These washers are free from any kind of corrosion. They are suitable to be used in salt water, chlorine water or humid environment with no degradation in the fixation or quality of the washer.

  • Silicon bronze:

This is also an alloy which is used in manufacturing of washers. They are more efficient than brass washers in resisting corrosion.

  • Nylon

Normal nylon is used in manufacturing washers due to good endurance and corrosion resisting property.

  • Brass:

This metal is an alloy of zinc and copper. This has been proven for its corrosion resistant property. This washer is used in decorative applications and for electrical usage.

Get known about the qualities of stainless steel washers:

They have good ability in resisting corrosion and due to this property they are used for manufacturing washers. Stainless steel has high tensile strength with all optimal quality which is required in a washer. The washers have good fixation property and the load and the pressure which is there between the nuts and bolt in uniformly distributed suitably. They are very much efficient to be used to bear high pressure with good quality and tensile strength. They are potent enough to bind nut and bolt firmly with no risks further. They are reliable to be used in big machines as well as small machines.

 To get a quote on stainless steel washers or buy stainless steel washers you can first understand the type of washer you need for your machine after doing that you can visit online or offline store to buy it.