Common Causes Of After Shave Zits

The 3 Common Causes Of After Shave Zits

Zits or pimples is a result of an inflamed oil gland impacted by bacteria or dirt. When it gets impacted, it gets irritated and pus (pustules) are produced. This is a normal skin response to infection and has always been better managed with proper hygiene. There are many causes for it and the sooner that know what’s causing it, the sooner that you will be able to prevent it moving forward.

Zits after shaving is common in men. There are many factors to it and it’s important that this will all be pointed out. If your not sure what is the culprit on why you get zits every time you finish shaving, then maybe you need to break your shaving process and identify which of the things that you do causes your zits after you shave. Below you can find the possible things that caused your zits:

shaving creams

It’s the razor bumps: Normally this is caused by deeper shaving that can only be attained if you got some multi-blade razors. Here’s the explanation, multi-blade razors cut facial hair all the way down leaving a smoother result, while that feels really nice, it comes at a price. You see, when your skin gets peeled a little because of a deep razor an it also cut your facial hair really low or small, the repair of the skin will cover some parts of that hair, as a result, you get razor bumps. If you try a multi-blade razor the next time you need to shave and you come across that razor bump, it will cause the zits. The solution? Ditch the multi-blade razor or find a better alternative.

Its the shaving tool: A dirty, a not thoroughly cleaned or an old shaving tool can be the culprit especially if that is the only thing that you can identify that is not thoroughly cleaned. A dirty shaving tool is the most common culprit of zits since your basically introducing dirt and bacterial that accumulated in that shaving tool to your broken skin. The solution:

  • Store your shaving tool in a dry and clean environment
  • Replace your blades regularly
  • Buy a new shaving tool

It’s the shaving cream: The good thing about shaving cream is that it works, the problem with it is that you need to thoroughly clean it to be removed. People think that just applying towel into it will work, but it doesn’t really remove the cream entirely. If you got a break in the skin and you only just wiped that cream off, you should expect that it will eventually cause zits.

Zits is considered as an infection caused by the break in the skin and an impacted oil gland. While this is common, it’s more common in men that are shaving their beard off. The main culprit has always been the process of shaving and the tools and solutions that men use to achieve that clean look. The most common ones that cause zits are the razor bumps, the shaving tool, and the shaving creams. There are more culprits to this like the aftershave and even the hands themselves, but since more men have a good eye for aftershaves and most have a good habit of washing their hands before shaving, it’s not all the time the common causes.