Electric Kattle

The best option between stainless steel and plastic electric kettle

Electric KattleThe electric kettle is the most basic appliance that belongs to every house. Because of its popularity, various features and materials have come up to make our life and choice different. There is confusion among all as to which one should be considered between the stainless steel and the plastic kettle and. You can also consider the best electric glass kettle. In the section below, we will into every advantage and disadvantages of the two and decide which one should be considered.

Plastic electric kettle

Plastic is found cheap in the market. Hence, the kettles that are made from plastic are cheaper compared to the metal kettle. The whole cover of the electric kettle is made of plastic and hence the overall weight of the kettle is light and hence becomes very handy. Because of the same reason, the kettle does not pose any accidental fall. Hence, it is safe. The plastic material is a bad conductor of heat hence you can touch the surface without any fear. Since the inside heat cannot be transferred o the other surface hence the overall temperatures of the water inside remain hot for a longer time, that is the greatest advantage of the plastic electric kettle.

This is a disadvantage of the plastic electric kettle is that the plastic used in it will smell in the first couple of days. It would make the water undrinkable for many users. However, plastic is harmful to both the health and the environment.

Electric KattleStainless steel electric kettle

In terms of the smell, these kettles are far better. They are durable as well. You can use them without fear for years. This kettle also takes less time to boil water compared to the plastic. The reason is metal is a good conductor to heat, and because of the same reason, they dissipate heat very soon too. Hence, the eater cannot be kept warm for a very long time. However, that does not matter because you are more likely to use all the water anyway. This is expensive but is a value for money.


You can use either one, which you like. In addition to that, you can also use the glass electric kettle, which is also awesome in terms of looks and functionality. Look for best electric glass kettle here.