Using Bongs and Water Pipe Well

Regardless of its origins, though, bongs and water pipes have been used for smoking various substances (including marijuana) worldwide and throughout history. There are many different ways these devices can be smoked, so it is essential to understand what they look like and how they work before using them.


Beginners should start by learning how to roll a joint with a newspaper and a toilet paper roll. They are used because they produce relatively little smoke and are easy to grip. For this first attempt, the choice of cigar, cigarette or blunts (cigar tube rolled with marijuana leaves/seeds) is up to you, although if you’re trying to make friends with your friends, you’d probably want a joint.


Next, you need to understand what a bong looks like. A bong can be made from many materials, including glass, acrylic, metal and wood.


Place your hand in the bong, then place a finger over the nosturette from where you will want to draw your smoke. The amount of smoke you will inhale will depend on how hard you pull on the pipe and how long it takes for the weed to burn. If you are using dry herbs, allow one gram (1/2 ounce) per person per joint and just two or three joints if you’re smoking with friends. There are different types of bongs depending on the material they are made of.


bong pipes

To use a bong with a bowl, choose one, remove it from the bong and place it on a flat surface. The bowl is not technically a pipe but is used to burn the weed first before filling the chamber with smoke. If you are using a bong with a bowl, follow these steps to prepare your weed:


The next step will be to place your finger over the bong’s mouthpiece, then inhale through the mouthpiece and place your finger over the nosturette by removing it from the chamber. After your finger is covered, inhale gently through the nosturette to fill the chamber with smoke. shop now here


Do not blowback or blow out, or simply hold the smoke in your lungs for as long as you can—you’ll use more weed than you need to and won’t enjoy it nearly as much. The goal is to get high, not to be a champion of your lung capacity!


If you’re using a bong with a percolator, know that percolators can both cool and filter the smoke (and smell) before it enters your mouth. Percolators come in many different shapes and sizes (and colours).