Instagram for Music: Sharing Your Sound and Connecting with Fans

With one in five Americans using Instagram on a monthly basis and more than 75% of the top 10 most-followed accounts belonging to musicians, it’s clear that artists are taking notice. The question is whether they’re just grazing their surface or truly capitalizing on the opportunity. Buying instagram likes can help you increase your conversion rates and drive more sales to your website.

Here are tricks for sharing your sound, interacting with fans and growing your following on Instagram.

Invite other musicians to tag you in your photos

One of the best ways to attract interest from fans is to collaborate with other artists, and Instagram is a great place to do that. Whether you already have a relationship with them, or you’re seeking a new one, it’s best to contact other artists via email and invite them to participate in your project. For example, if you’re planning to record at a studio that historically has worked with other bands, you might ask your favorite musician(s) to join in on the fun by tagging their name onto the album cover.

Give your followers a chance to win tickets to your show

One of the best ways to incentivize someone following you on social media is by offering them something of value. In this case, you can give fans a chance to win tickets for their friends and family. A simple follow us contest where the winner and a guest gets comped tickets can quickly build a buzz around your next gig.

Interact with your Instagram followers

Comment on the photos you like and engage with the people who interact with you. While you’re at it, use your bio to tell people that they can connect with you further by emailing you at your official address. This tactic gives them a sense of comfort knowing that they have a direct line to reach you online.


Keep your posts on-brand

Your Instagram page is an extension of your public image, so make sure that it looks like you. If you’re a singer/songwriter who loves writing songs about the ocean, then your next post should be relevant to that theme. This way, when people visit your profile, they see pictures of you looking happy or stressed out by the beach and it gives them a sense of who you are as an artist.

Select your followers wisely

You want to be able to identify the people who are actually interested in your music, so you should pay close attention to who follows you on Instagram. If you see that too many of your followers are impersonating famous musicians, pick another artist to follow. Also, it’s important that the people that follow you aren’t just your friends and family. Like a real-life celebrity, it’s important that you choose an actor or singer whose work you truly admire in order for their fans to take notice.