refrigerated air dryer

Bring An Increase Production While You Get More Profit

Factories and plants bring good production with good working place plus good workers. This is like an all-in-one package if it happened in the workplace. The owners of this establishments need to make sure that everything within the working area is completely functioning with all the safety measures. In this way, possible problems will be addressed directly and even prevented from getting worse. Most factory and plant owners deal problems on the compressors. This is the most common equipment that is prone to damage due to contamination. In fact, there is a solution to the problem that needs to apply and pay attention to. This is partly applicable to the famous saying, “prevention is better than cure”. Now, in order to avoid the possible problem, you must prevent it to happen.

air dryers for a compressor

Available air dryers for a compressor

An air system must be equipped with a high-quality air dryer material to prevent damage. Plus, it helps to maintain the work function of the compressor. In fact, there are two kinds of air dryers namely refrigerated air dryer and desiccant air dryer. Now, the two are available and can be applied to the air system to help the compressor maintained its main function. Whatever dryer you use, both have good and high-performance equipment for compressors. Desiccant air dryers generally remove all the water vapor in the air system to a -40 or -100 degree of dew point. So, this is another way of air dryer equipment instead of refrigeration. It absorbs moisture using a molecular sieve and activated alumina type desiccants.

What is a desiccant dryer?

Desiccant air dryers have two towers holding the desiccant beads. The two towers have designated function. The tower allows drying the compressed air while the other tower regenerates desiccant material. In fact, this has been used with many factories and plants nowadays due to its energy saving worth. So, you will never worry about how this air dryer cost you, as it brings a good impact to the capital cost. Desiccant air dryers come with 3 types:

  • Heatless – during the regeneration process, this type of dryer uses 18% of dryer capacity to purge back by the soaked tower.
  • Heated – this type of dryer heats a lower-flow purge air ranging from 5-7% during the regeneration process.
  • Blower purge – this type of dryer uses a small amount or no compressed air during the regeneration process, instead, it uses blower and heat. Meaning, this is more advantageous to use than the heatless and heated air dryers. It saves energy and capacity of the compressed air equipment.