The rates of the mobile subscription plans are dropping, people having more options of different plans and service providers. There is a cut throat to gobble up the market share with many mergers or sharing systems. The customer is the happier person in this scenario as he/she gets both cheap and best network services. Customers now trying to lap the services which provide cheaper data and has better speeds. The need to see or test people living particular areas have better networks of certain service providers due the prevalence of the closeness of the mobile towers of that provider and it would be better for the consumer to have subscribed to that particular provider. This is for better connectivity and not face call drops.

Choosing phone plans

The prevailing phone plans don’t last long and change over a period of three or six months and there are always something new that they would like the consumers to avail. The need to keep the plan updated will help the customer not to switch services and be upgraded with something better and the this will also attract more users and more business for the service provider in return. There are various plans out there the most common ones are

  • Prepaid plan
  • Post-paid plans

The customer chooses the one which is more convenient for them. There is an increase in the number of users with prepaid plans. Here the prices are paid on how much data is used up which was previously the number of phone minutes utilised or every text that was sent. But users have seen the benefit of applying for unlimited data plan. There are plans where you can opt for the tiered data plan too. When you know how much data you use apart from the wi-fi you will be able to choose the perfect data plan that suits your needs among the various offered.

The unlimited offer is something that is something that is a fixed amount of data that can be used but it more than sufficient for your usage and you will never end up running out of it. The previous allotment for when it was charged heavily for a small amount of data was not so favourable for the users and they were very cautious of using it all up and sparingly made use of it. But now with the unlimited plan people are going full out.