Significance of control signals

Significance of control signals

There are number of control signals available electronically which are intended for controlling fluids or gas especially in cases like over current or high voltages or electric voltages or encountering pneumatic pressures in automobiles like cars. Under this category only, control signals like popularly known within a brand name Belimo actuators & valves, that provides better quality assured products to their customers.

Belimo actuators & valves provide their customers with a kind of specific mechanism where the environment experiences the current control system or mechanism. Moreover there are 2 types of actuators predominantly available in the market. They are electric and pneumatic actuators. Electric actuators utilize an electric energy in order to produce mechanical energy system. In case of pneumatic actuators makes use of converting air pressure into mechanical energy for the sake of operating valves. An actuator requires a control signal and a source of energy. Its operation is done by pneumatic pressure, electric current and the conversion of source energy will be transformed into motion. Simultaneously there is a valve which is used to control the fluid or gas flow in a line.

valve and actuators

Difference between valve and actuators role:

These both are 2 different components only. But they perform work together in order to achieve a single task. A valve is considered as a system part individually where it is used for opening and closing nodes that instructs the required fluid amount of use allowed for passing out through a pipe. But the actuator responsibility is it instructs the valve for operation at a specific time intervals only. Here during valve installation, these actuators are also installed along with it, so it dictates at what time intervals the valve has to perform its operation. Moreover the computer controller is very much helpful for opening and closing valves in a definite time intervals which instantly showcase the situation of analyzing fluid temperature.


Hence both the valves and actuators are considered as 2 variant components. Because a valve is utilized for controlling fluids and gas that flows and comes out through a pipe. So you have to ensure whether a valve set up is in a definite position or not. In other words these are controlled automatically or manually. The installation is done directly into the valve only with the help of using actuators. So here implementation of installed valve will be programmed in a definite time intervals for opening and closing up. Moreover these actuators are controlled with the help of using sensors where it directs the functionality of an actuator or enables the definite duty of an actuator. The entire process will be controlled by a computer system only. Then the sensor dictates the responsibility of a valve too. The only difference is, even though both these components are different but performs for achieving a same goal only.